Daredevil - Season One (Original Netflix Series Soundtrack) - Soundtracks


Marvel’s Daredevil – Season One, the Netflix original series, with collectible artwork by Matthew Woodson. John Paesano’s score for Marvel’s Daredevil Season One had the unenviable task of setting the tone for the new Netflix television series. Right from the opening credits Paesano creates a powerful sense of urgency and an undercurrent of darkness, crafting some of the most kinetic musical sequences in the Marvel Universe including the bombastic tracks “Hallway Fight” and “Stick.”

Pressing Information

1. Daredevil Main Title
2. Fogwell’s Gym
3. Battlin’ Jack Murdock
4. Hallway Fight
5. Union Allied
6. Passenger Side
7. A World On Fire
8. Ben Urich
9. Stick
10. Wilson Fisk
11. Worthy Opponents
12. Avocados at Law
13. Man Of Ill Intent
14. The Suit
15. Daredevil