Erik Pitluga - Until This Star Explodes IAS012


Rust Belt songwriter, Erik Pitluga, delivers indie rock intertwined with the spirit of folk on his debut EP, Until This Star Explodes. The songs take a stripped down acoustic guitar-centric approach blending layers of electric guitars, ambient instrumentation, and minimal percussion all paired with his melodic vocals and absorbing lyrics.

After years of sporadically releasing singles between his time touring and recording as drummer for Roger Harvey & The Wild Life and guitarist of A Voice Like Rhetoric, he's consolidated a seven-track solo release that features his own brand of songwriting. A collection of self-produced material, some dating as far back as 2008,
Until This Star Explodes, echoes influence from early American Football and Death Cab For Cutie. This album is now available digitally and on extremely limited lathe cut vinyl (/25) via I Am Shark.

***Lathe Cut Vinyl includes a cover of "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac / Stevie Nicks***


  1. Calendars
  2. Bailout
  3. Slick Talk
  4. Robney Danger Jr.
  5. All Work, No Play
  6. Until This Star Explodes
  7. L'Opital
Pressing Information

Mastered at Wilderness Studio by J Vega
Album Artwork by Brian Morgante at Flesh & Bone Design

Vinyl will ship 6/25/16