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Wax Packs Series 1 is a collectable 7" series packaged like Baseball Cards, collect all 10 different records! Featuring new music, covers, live tracks, demos and acoustic renditions from the following: Such Gold, Austin Lucas, PJ Bond, Podacter, Arliss Nancy, Banquets, John Moreland, Half Hearted Hero, Broadcaster, Aspiga, Boxer, The Hundred Acre Woods, Gifthorse, Broken Field Runner, Casual, Crybaby, Marathon, Fire When Ready and Placeholder.
Released by Secret Audio Club

Wax Packs Series 1 from Secret Audio Club on Vimeo.

Hobby Box (Available through I Am Shark) : 5 Different, randomized 7" records (1 on rare color vinyl guaranteed) + Collectable download card (collect all 20!)

Pressing Information

10 Different Split 7″ Records to Collect
Pressed on Black, Color Vinyl (/150), Numbered Color Vinyl (/50)
20 Different Digital Download Trading Cards
“Pack” = 1 Random 7″

“Box” = 5 different Random 7″ Records (1 Color Vinyl Guaranteed) + 1 Random Trading Card Box Topper

“Case” = 10 Boxes + Bonus Test Pressing Case Topper