The Scene Vol. 2: We're Getting Closer CD Music


Twenty-two bands dedicated some of their best work to a compilation that's going to be little more than an afterthought in the current musical landscape. With a little luck each artist will manage to pick up an additional fan or two, but even that somewhat insubstantial benefit is a misrepresentation of what this series of albums is striving to be. The real purpose behind this compilation is to bring some level of awareness to the blood, sweat and tears that goes into creating each and every one of these handcrafted works of art.

The reason I'm calling their work art isn't because I'm trying to be pretentious either, it's because I whole-heartedly believe that every last one of these contributors has demonstrated that they have the talent to influence others while following their own dream. More importantly these bands don't care about the potential accolades that may or may not come with being a band with mass appeal. They simply care about expressing themselves through a creative endeavor that brings them and their fans joy, and it's with that passion and carefree approach to their craft that the reachable goal of being able to do great things in their respective genres is made possible.

Really when it comes down to it, I just want all of the overwhelmingly generous artists that contributed to the album to know that the miscellaneous minutia and social marketing that's involved with being a band is a complete non-factor. It's not about who has the most clever tweet or who has the most aesthetically pleasing Facebook header. Being remembered and making an impact comes down to the heart and soul you put into your music, and the result of this kind of approach will be an increased appreciation that listeners will have for the style and beauty that shines directly through your hard work.
released 25 June 2013
Released By Pacific Ridge Records