Confessions Under Water Vol. 2 IAS006


Our second annual compilation record, Confessions Under Water Vol. 2, is now available for free digital download. This record featuring some our favorite artists and best friends who have new releases out and busting their asses to tour around the world. What a better way to celebrate the longest holiday of the year! I was blessed with how well the well the introductory release turned out and really wanted to push the boundaries and get some exciting tracks for 2013.

Cover photography by the wonderful Ryan Russell -
These are some of my favorite artists and releases of the current and past year.
They all have new records out and are always touring. Please support them in
any way you can. Thank You!


  1. The Story Changes - We Were Numb
  2. Owen - Blues To Black (Courtesy of Polyvinyl Records)
  3. Tides Of Man - Young And Courageous
  4. Braid - Lux (Courtesy of No Sleep Records)
  5. Blue Of Colors - Goodbye Stranger
  6. Edhochuli - Sir, I've Been Observing You For More Than Five Minutes and You Have Yet To Say Whoo Once
  7. Their They're There - Their They're Therapy (Courtesy Of Polyvinyl Records)
  8. Hospital Ships - If It Speaks
  9. Fun Size - End Of The Road
  10. Wives - Cheaters
  11. Y(our) Fri(end) - Pallet
  12. The New Amsterdams - Dear Lover
  13. Gates - Like This You Mean (Courtesy of Pure Noise Records)
  14. One If By Land - Yesterburner
  15. Plow United - Cui Bono (Courtesy of Jump Start Records)
  16. Bells & Whistles - Distance
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