Tidemouth - "What I Meant To Say" 7" EP MLTV007


With influences that range from Modern Life is War, AFI, Orchid, and The Cure, it's difficult to confine Tidemouth to one specific genre. Too pained & instrumentally dynamic to be strictly hardcore, yet too heavy and eerily atmospheric to fall under the category of "90s screamo," this EP is caught in a purgatory between melodic angst and crushing sadness.

Driven by an insatiable desire to die (or find solace in this hell-on-earth), each track follows its predecessor ravenously and leaves nothing left to be desired. Deliberately punishing, "What I meant to Say" will spread the nothing that it has like cancer, leaving the listener with a formidable sense of hopelessness that makes for an incredibly depressing hardcore record. Released by Meletov Records

Pressing Information

200 white,
300 clear