Epilogue Vol. 1 Tribute to Kill Your Idols 7" SOM 033


This is volume 1 in 4 part limited seven inch series dedicated to KILL YOUR IDOLS. This edition contains 6 bands that consist of friends and fans paying tribute. KYI played all around the world with all kinds of different styles in our underground world. This was put together the same way, diverse including many different styles of Punk and Hardcore. Each band has chosen to cover the song that means the most to them. The liner notes include some kind words about KYI from every band on the comp. Tracks from BACKTRACK, RUST BELT LIGHTS (x Dead Hearts / Daggermouth), VIOLENT SOCIETY, SEASICK, BULLET TREATMENT, and OFFSIDES (x No Harm Done / Make or Break). After all 4 volumes are released owners of all 4 can put them together and form the KYI logo. Limited to this one pressing ever, never to be repressed! Released by State Of Mind Recordings


  1. BULLET TREATMENT "Can't Take it Away From me"
  2. OFFSIDES "Cast me Aside"
  3. BACKTRACK "Enjoy the Show"
  4. RUST BELT LIGHTS "Autumn"
  5. SEASICK "Hardcore Circa 99"

Pressing Information

Pressing Info
100 - Blue Vinyl (only available from STATE OF MIND directly)
200 - White Vinyl (only available from STATE OF MIND or the bands)
600 - Black vinyl