This Is Your Moment EP

2011 · I AM SHARK · IAS001

Here comes The Story Changes' with their follow up release to Analogies, the acclaimed release that kept the road warriors touring constantly for 2 years to follow. The two piece have finally settled down to strike back hard with 4 brilliant new studio tracks on their first ever vinyl release as a band. Moody and intricate just scrape the surface to describe what listeners can expect from this brilliant release. Available on 7" baby blue, hand numbered vinyl with free digital download.

In Medias Res LP

2011 · I Am Shark · IAS002

PMtoday - In Medias Res LP
Couldn't be more excited to press PMtoday's last record, In Medias Res, as our second release. Licensed from Rise Records, you can now purchase the first vinyl pressing of this well received album from the progressive Arkansas quartet. The 12" vinyl LP is available in Black (limited to 500) and a beautiful 3 Color Splatter of Yellow/Orange/Red to match the cover artwork. These are both fascinating colors of vinyl and this record, make sure you pick up both options.

I Am Shark: Confessions Under Water Vol. 1

08/12/2012 · I Am Shark · IAS003

HAPPY SHARK WEEK! This is our very first annual compilation record featuring some our favorite artists and best friends of all time at I Am Shark, what a better way to celebrate the longest holiday of the year! I could not have be more pleased with the way the lineup/artwork all came together, maybe the easiest releases I've ever had the pleasure of working with. This record is perfect listen from start to finish and sounds better shared, so tell your friends.

Hawthorne Heights - Running In Place (Nikki AM)
The Casket Lottery - The Door
Hidden Hospitals - One To Ones
Jamie Woolford (The Stereo) - A Framed Life In Charming Light
Deadhorse - New Bones
Girlfight - World Noose
The Story Changes - Tidal Wave
The Appleseed Cast - North Star Ordination Title 3
Koji - Giants Sleeping
Tiger Tank (ex Park) - You Leave Jack Burton Alone!
Erik Pitluga (A Voice Like Rhetoric) - Slick Talk
Happy Body Slow Brain - Never Loved
Into It. Over It. - Write It Right (feat. Nathan Ellis of The Casket Lottery)
Berwanger (Josh of The Anniversary) - Don't Fight For Me (Feat. Max Bemis of Say Anything)
Pentimento - The Bridge
Red Hands - Give Again
If These Trees Could Talk - They Speak With Knives
Failsafe (UK) - Sleepwalkers
PJ Bond - Bad Way
Mixtapes - Hey Ma PT. 2
Gracer - An Island In The Dark

The artwork is a collaboration courtesy of Troy Colby (Photography), Justin Nottke (Illustration), and Chad Tibbits (Layout) all of of which are masters of all media forms.